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Kris Cox Recommendation Coaching LIBen Yavitz Executive Coach ReviewKatie Ciliberti Coaching ReviewLauren Tranel Speach ReviewMartha White Speech reviewQuashawn Jones Speech ReviewSean Thorton Speech Review“Noga chanBen_Headshotged the way I live my life. Noga has the ability to draw out what you are seeking in your life and gracefully guide you to finding out what you need to make you feel fulfilled. Noga used both her health and life coaching skills to help me with my 2 sided issues: My bodily health and my need to break out of my current work and living situation to explore my life in another part of the country. First my bodily health: Amazingly in only few sessions Noga put me on the road to uncovering the better me. I could feel the result immediately because while working with Noga I could feel my life energy flowing stronger through my body. After a severe leg injury I became depressed and lethargic. Even when my leg healed I could not get out of my slump. I had gained weight and could not motivate myself to change to a healthy style. For the first time in my life, I was unhappy with my health. Noga came to my rescue. She guided me to reach my goals so that I could feel better about myself through helping me live a healthy life style. In 6 weeks I lost nearly 20 pounds, lowered my cholesterol from 200 down to 150 and my triglycerides from 253 down to 88! I went from being at risk for heart disease and host of other possible health problem to no risk at all. Not only did Noga motivate me to exercise but she really taught me how to find and enjoy healthy food. Now on the life coach side, Noga helped me resolve my internal conflicts with my work and initial need to stay close to the comfort of my family. Once resolved, this allowed me to move to a new location so I can better explore what will make my life truly fulfilling. She gracefully guided me through my internal strife always with a solution based approach that allowed me to make the best choices for me even when I was taken out of my comfort zone. Now, 2 years later, because of Noga I am still living healthy, I am in the best shape of my life, and I am living in a new location feeling more fulfilled and a greater love of life.”

Ben Yavitz, M.Ed.