Motivational Speaking

NogaCoach services include motivational speaking engagements for any and all groups seeking a warm, unifying engagement.  Groups such as schools, churches, employee groups, community groups and more have made drastic, positive changes in their propinquity, productivity, sales, customer service, leadership and more through team building in these essential meetings.

Topics Covered Include but are not Limited to:


Positive psychology, motivation and resiliency

Exercise psychology; how to get and stay motivated to be active

Self care; Taking care of your body means loving yourself



Leadership skills as a current or prospective leader


Feedback is a gift; Team Building

Business ‘soft skills’ and emotional intelligence

Speaking to your value as a woman in Business



Women’s health; how to listen and respond to your body

Work-life balance

Employee Engagement

as a natural adjunct to employee engagement services..

Community Groups

Religious Groups

Education/School Groups