Soft Skill Training

Sometimes life throws you a fast one, or maybe an overly slow one.  Having a coach can help to partner with you and help map out the best plan of action to catch any ball that comes your way.  Whether aiming for work/life balance, getting through tough relationship patches, shedding a few extra pounds or trying to put your eye back on that sense of life giving purpose, life coaching provides that bridge between ideas and actions to get you to the goals you’ve been dreaming of.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘you are you’re own worst enemy’?  How about ‘your greatest obstacles are the ones you create’?  Work with a life coach for that comfortable partnership needed to help you tease out some of those thought tangles, and even emotional ruts too.  Noga brings 10+ years of ICF certified coaching experience along with a deep understanding of diverse human experience and insights into the internal thoughts that disable progress and the keys to overcoming those hurdles.  Check out testimonials below for some ideas for how life coaching with Noga Coach can bring your life dreams to reality!

  • Weight loss
  • Completing your first marathon, triathlon or physique competition
  • Understand and resolve tough personal relationships
  • Work/life balance
  • Stress management
  • Finding and pursuing a purposeful existence