Organizational Development Consulting

Organizational Talent Development Consulting

It’s no surprise that employee engagement is at the core of every organization’s retention, recruitment and market presence success.  Building key elements like manager effectiveness, employee vision alignment, team effectiveness, career development requires the smart use of key data markers and psychological insight into the nature of your employee culture and group interactions.

NogaCoach Employee Engagement Consulting will develop a data driven plan that to drive optimized connection to the company mission and vision, company and department culture, and innovation.  Elements of consulting may include:

  • High level inventory of company culture and alignment
  • Focus group assessments
  • Engagement survey development
  • Stakeholder assessments
  • Deep data dive into internal and vendor data
  • Motivational speeches
  • Employee leadership training

Why You Need Engagement Consulting
A Couple of Typical Scenarios

Scenario A:

You’ve employed the best recruiters to hire the  best talent, employed the best benefits and payroll experts to craft the most enticing benefits and compensation package you can sustainably offer and equipped your talent with learning & development and recognition opportunities, but something isn’t quite clicking your population.  Maybe your attrition rates are higher than what you can really afford or maybe you’re not getting the kind of capacity and performance you expected and, in all honesty, really need from your talent.  If group dynamic obstacles like these  are standing in the way of making your budget and market reputation goals, engagement consultation will provide that deep dive into your environment and data to uncover the change pieces your population really needs.

Scenario B:

Better yet,  you’re at the teetering point and have your eyes on that next level, of innovation, of market footprint or even client pipeline saturation, but lately you’ve hit a plateau.  Much like weight loss, it’s that last 10% that proves the most challenging indeed!  If you’ve already capitalized on all of the low hanging fruit opportunities and are aiming for an engaged workforce that sets you apart from you competition, engagement consulting is the right solution for your population.  Benefit from experienced professionals, specializing in employee engagement for the scope needed to dive even deeper into your data and spot that je ne sais pas of what keys to turn to  rev your employee engagement engine to the next level!