Story Behind Nogalehs Instagram Pics

I’ve been posting pictures to try to convey this message, but as inspiring as Instagram might be and the-man-behind-the-curtain-googles-google-code-name-revealedas much as pictures are worth 1,000’s of words, written word really is best to get the point across.  Now revealing… the story behind Nogalehs Instagram pics !


Purpose and Thriving

Pictures and beauty are what drives us humans and makes us smile, so don’t be concerned that I’ll stop adding pictures to this little blog of a book about my journey with MS.  I’ve made a lot of changes and sacrifices to my lifestyle (I miss cookies!)


for the sake of keeping my freedom from aggressive medications and their side effects, ambulatory motion and feeling of control over my health, my life, my vitality.  And through all of that, it is my ability to see the beauty in those sacrifices (reinforced by these pictures!) that keeps my purpose top of mind and flame for life and living (those are different!) burning.  Here’s hoping sharing these posts can help to kindle and sustain your energy to keep thriving  too!

Diet and Nutrition

Today was a daiparfaitry day for me.  Oh how I love milk products!  Yogurt.  Cheese.  Creamer in my coffee rather than almond milk.  #Wahlsprotocol suggests to cut out dairy as well as simple carbs, but I’ve read variable things about that suggestion.  I’ve also read that people with MS often have liver problems, which makes calcium absorption somewhat compromised, so I’m doing a 1 day on 2 day off schedule to balance it out.  It doesn’t hurt that those probiotics in my morning fruit and nut parfait keep my skin glowing and young – and my belly happy too! 🙂

Actually though, I found out today that my ALP levels are low, indicating some degree of malnutrition from low zinc, magnesium and calcium.  So I’m off to eating beef, oysters, sunflower seeds and spinach to try to pick that up!  Conveniently it’s Oyster night at Mariano’s tonight. Yum!

Exercise and Conditioning

It was tough, but I pulled myself out of bed early to get a head start on my German volume training work out to pick up muscle mass for another figure competition in the Spring.  It was tough, really tough.  I drank too much wine with the heavily salted brisket I made last night and was super dehydrated this morning.  I rested between each set to drink water and felt really weak, but I was responsible and lowered weight as needed to keep my form good and got through it.  A delicious fruit and nut  parfait and cream in my coffee afterward was a great motivator to keep me going  that’s for sure! Yay for dairy day!

I messed it up though, PT (physical therapy) needs to come before the workout or it just never happens!  No matter how big and bulky my biceps get, they’re not going to help me balance down those scary train stairs or keep me walking – and running and dancing!  Gotta keep the motivation up for PT later today.  Man do those gluteus medius exercises kill, but it’s a good kind of pain! 😉