About Noga Sachs

Noga Sachs is an Organizational Talent Development professional with more than a decade long practice and background in motivation and engagement.  Indeed her training and background has set the stage for her high level of expertise as Noga’s  graduate level background in Exercise Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, is  deemed the field of study most fit for application to coaching  by the first U.S. coaching authority, Well Coaches Corporation, founded in collaboration with the American College of Sports Medicine.

As one of the first US based coaches, Noga helped to develop the health coaching programs for two large healthcare employers and has independently evolved her application and understanding of psychological clinical practice to cater to the most cutting edge science and modern day  needs.  As client needs and the human capital landscape evolved toward work-life balance and interpersonal relationship building in the workplace, Noga Coach services have in turn evolved to include business and executive coaching to bring individuals to the next level in the way of leadership, efficiency and engagement.

Although Noga Coach was originally termed for the provision of life coaching to individuals, these techniques and strategies have been adapted to amplify the results of coaching of human capital strategies for entire business populations.  For these purposes, coaching style is used to provide a unique take on employee engagement consulting with an added element of industry insight, motivation psychology and strong data analytics to guide strategy development and forward thinking vision. Rather than limiting impact to any one individual as with business or life coaching, Noga Coach consulting maximizes the impact of powerful motivation and transformative insights to your overall human capital management strategy.  Coaching for your overall business operations and penetrating data analyses enables truly customized strategy to you unique culture and vision.

In her role with Jones Lang LaSalle as Well-being Culture Lead, Noga, has transformed the now globally integrated culture of the 20,000 employee population to one dedicated to the best self and Well-being of each of its invaluable employees.  She has  successfully managed cultural change from health empowerment for health cost mitigation alone to a holistic culture of well-being per the most cutting edge recommendations of industry leader, Gallup.  The impact of this cultural transformation has had far reaching impact beyond that of health cost savings alone to retention and disability cost savings and further extends to impact revenue growth through talent development and strategic networking.  JLL has been recognized nationally for the culture of well-being through the receipt of several awards, including the  prestigious National Business Group on Health Best Employers for a Healthy Lifestyle award.

Much like business coaching, initial consultations consist of an initial assessment of cultural gaps and strengths. and identify your unique vision and goals for yoru company,  A deep data dive thereafter with the guidance of both Noga’s graduate level statistical training  as well as her keen eye and ability to communicate results to any audience is used to jointly explore strategy development and future mission mapping options.  Each element of strategy development is completed with key insights from internal stakeholders balanced with the most cutting edge motivation engagement strategies and industry standards.  Elements of your current strategy that may be addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Strategic communications
  • Targeted interventions
  • Hard to reach population engagement
  • Social media utilization
  • Engagement through video production and multi channel marketing
  • Smart use of data to determine efficacy and monitor for next steps